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Do you get the “blue and red flashing lights in your rearview mirror” feeling when you think about your taxes? We get it. A great human being can end up in tax trouble for many reasons. Denver Tax Group is here to offer you a hand, providing the best tax resolution services in Denver. Among all Colorado tax relief companies, we stand out. We know how. We can help!

Discerning a trustworthy tax professional

When you’re searching “tax resolution services in Denver” it’s because you need a trusted tax authority to help you untangle a tax problem. How can you tell a top-rated tax professional from an inexperienced one? Here are a few qualities you can check for.

1. Blog

Be a detective! Skim the company’s blogs to find out if they truly know what they’re talking about. Do they provide interesting and insightful information about the tax issue you need to have addressed?

2. Personable 

Does the tax professional treat you with respect? You should feel good about yourself after interacting with your tax company. When consulting with tax resolution services nearby, don’t settle for less than the best.

3. Organized forms and documents

An expert tax professional needs to have impeccable organizational skills. Does the company’s website have a range of documents accurately labeled and available for clients to read ahead of time? How they handle their own paperwork may be an indicator of how they will handle yours.

4. Range of services

Trusted tax experts are experienced in a range of services. This shows their understanding of the tax system as a whole. Having a tax professional with many tools in their toolbelt is to your advantage. This way they can choose the best approach for your unique needs.

5. Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and testimonials

Trust word-of-mouth recommendations from actual clients. What better way to evaluate the quality of work than to listen to those who have experienced that company’s services? For example, Denver Tax Group has all 5-star Google reviews, like this one from Lorenzo Vidali:

Chadwick was great to work with, friendly, punctual, professional, and all details of the work were handled with care.  He helped me make sense out of my chaotic mess of records and I really appreciated that.”

Top 5 types of tax resolution services in Denver

Now that you know which tax professional you want to work with, here is a brief explanation of the top five ways to resolve tax issues. 

1. Offer in Compromise (OIC)

If you qualify for an OIC, you will be able to settle your debt by paying less than you owe. Call Denver Tax Group at 303-333-0363 or fill out our quick contact form to see if you qualify.

2. Force file resolution

This is the appropriate action to take when the IRS has filed your taxes for you. It’s not too late to resolve the problem!

3. Delinquent tax return

If you’re behind on filing your taxes, it is best to take action now. Denver Tax Group can show you exactly what to do to minimize the potential consequences.

4. IRS payment plans

If you’ve been saddled with debt you can’t resolve, Denver Tax Group can help negotiate IRS payment plans that fit within your budget.

5. Business consultation

Want to avoid tax problems in the future? Denver Tax Group offers business consultations, in which we can show you the best financial practices to keep your business thriving.

Denver Tax Group is now located in Aurora, Colorado. Contact us today to get started on our bookkeeping and payroll services so you can concentrate on making your small business a lot bigger. Call now to schedule your appointment: 303-333-0363.

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